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Grasshoppers Year 2

Welcome to Grasshopper class.



Our teacher is Miss Barnett.

Welcome to our class page. Grasshoppers are keen learners and we always try our best! We are looking forward to lots of learning in Year 2!

Topic - Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


Our topic this term is Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We have been learning about castles through the ages as well as the Channel Tunnel. We have really enjoyed using the building blocks to create different castles and forts.

Science - Materials


We have been learning about different materials, and which materials can make the best tunnels. During this term, we will be making our own castles, thinking about what materials is best to keep unwanted geusts out. 

We LOVE reading!


In Grasshopper Class we love listening to stories as well as reading with a friend or to ourselves. So far we have used 'The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs' as well as 'The Tunnel' as our class books in Literacy. Next week, we will be writing our own tunnel adventure story!

Our trip to Dover Castle


We had fun at Dover Castle. We went up to the top and saw the battlements and the view - some of us could see France!


Then we out to the Education Centre where we dressed up as knights and princesses, or sat down and read a story quietly.


We've made a radio show about Dover Castle, which will be added to our class page soon.


Please see our radio page to listen to our radio broadcast about Dover Castle.

Term 2

Muck, Mess and Mixtures


Don't forget to wear non-school uniform on 30th October. We will be getting messy inside and outside so don't wear anything you don't want to get messy!





Ice Painting in Art

We took our inspiration from fireworks and used melting ice-cube paints to create amazing artwork. Take a look below!

Water colours and salt


We had fun creating different textures using water colours and salt. Take a look at some of the photos.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Street Detectives


This term we are becoming detectives, looking at our Chartham Village and discovering human and physical features of our area.


We had loads of fun on our first day back at school. We walked back from the Village Green to school. On route we saw shops, houses, rivers, bridges and lots more! Take a look at the photos from our trip below.


Top challenge, can you find your house on google maps?



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8


We will be learning about animals, including humans this term. We will discover the life cycles of different animals, and use the outside environment to help us create handy ways to remember them.


I wonder what animals live in our streets? Can you be detectives and find out?




This term we will be looking at technology outside of school and how people and places use it for different things.


How do you use technology at home? Does anyone use it at work?


Land Ahoy!

Ahoy you scally wags! This term, Captain Barnett is taking over Grasshoppers.

I'll make you walk the plank!

Look out you landlubbers, I might decide to maroon you on a desert island.


We have had an awesome pirate day, we learnt a lot of pirate talk such as landlubber, marooned and ahoy!


We also had a fun time in the music room thinking about the different sounds we could make for a calm picture or a stormy picture. Afterwards, we did some different kinds of drama with Mr Donally. We learnt how to scrub the deck, climb the rigging and stand to attention when the Captain is coming.


Have a look at some of the photos below.

Scented Gardens

This term we will discovering all about different plants as part of our termly topic and science curriculum. We will become investigators, experimenting to find out the best conditions for our beans to grow in. We will also be identifying the structure of different plants along with their life cycles.


We will also become gardeners, learning how to look after our own seeds by growing a fun cress head.


Watch this space for all of our amazing and colourful work!




Picture 1



During Term 6, Grasshoppers will be learning all about the beach! In science, we will discover different habitats of animals and learn about food chains. We will be learning about Victorian beaches in comparison to beaches today in topic lessons. We're also developing our understanding of the world, discussing how plastic pollution is damaging our beaches.  


We still love READING in Grasshoppers class, our target time is 15 minutes a night. We are continuing to read our class book, King Coo by Adam Stower.






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