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Iguanas Year 3


Welcome to Iguana class!




Our teacher is Mrs Diplock.

Our class book this term is

Our class book this term is  1

. Our Topic for this term is all about


The children have had a great start to the term launching off their topic with a Greek day. Thank you for all the wonderful food contributions! The children had the opportunity to taste a range of delicious Greek delights.  These included; tzatziki, hummus and taramasalata dips, lots of pitta bread, the most incredible and very popular, lemon Greek cake, feta, olives, stuffed vine leaves, super pastries, a delicious Moussaka and some of the children even tasted octopus. Other highlights of the day were; dressing up as an Ancient Greek, making a wreath headdress, exploring history through Greek artefacts and a massive favourite; the chance to make grape juice the Ancient Greek way. With a generous donation of grapes from Chartham’s Vine Yard, the children had a fantastic (and slightly sticky time) stomping grapes and experiencing how wine would have been made.

We will also be finding out about the amazing Greek Gods.

We will also be finding out about the amazing Greek Gods. 1



Over the term, we will be reading a range of Greek Myths to inspire our writing. So far in English, the children have been introduced to the Greek Myth, ‘King Midas and the Golden Touch’ and are now writing a modern version. The children will be exploring the themes and characters in the Myth of ‘Pandora’s Box’ where the children will be writing a diary from the day Pandora opened the box. Also they will be learning about play scripts, turning a Greek Myth or fable into a play to be performed.

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Maths this term, the children are learning how to add and subtract using formal written methods. This includes the column method with exchanging. Later in the term we will be moving onto multiplication and division. The children will be learning strategies for learning and their tables for rapid recall. To help with this the children have been given a login for a Times Tables Rock Stars, a chance to learn their tables in a fun way. This will be set as homework alongside StudyZone. The children will need to login and check the activities they have been assigned. Please let me know if your child does not have access to a device to complete these tasks and I will provide a paper based task.





ScienceImage result for senses

is all about our senses

This term we will be studying the five human senses and what it is to be human! Children will be exploring how humans have evolved through time, how we age and what makes us human – from our ability to communicate, development of mathematics to tool building and how we act socially. They will then investigate how we smell, hear, taste, see and feel things using different investigations throughout the term.

Here are some key topics we’ll be studying:

1. Humans through time

2. What makes us human

3. How we use the 5 human senses



Spelling and Timetables

Children have a weekly spelling and timetable test. New spelling lists and a maths based activity will be sent home on the Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Spellings will usually focus on specific spelling rules. Please discuss the rule with your child and encourage them to find out the meaning of the word if they are unsure.


Supporting your child at home...

Reading – Children should be reading at home at least 5 times a week. Please listen to your child read regularly and discuss their reading with them. Please sign your child’s reading record and ensure that they bring their book to school every day.

Reading Bingo is going well, many children have won a bookmark and one has managed to complete the whole sheet - BINGO!  



Other information

  • Iguanas have PE on a Thursday where we will be learning how to play Hockey.

If your child is inspired by this topic, I recommend these good reads

If your child is inspired by this topic, I recommend these good reads 1
If your child is inspired by this topic, I recommend these good reads 2