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In Term 1, we practised counting. We have to remember to say one number name for each object. We have been singing lots of number songs to help us remember the order the numbers go in.


We have also been looking at shapes and learning the names of different shapes. The shapes we have been looking at are:

  • square
  • rectangle
  • triangle
  • circle


We finished the term off by doing some measuring. We had the chance to use weighing scales and guessed which items were heavier and lighter than each other. We used the water tray and different containers to talk about capacity. We use the Duplo to build different sized towers and made play-dough snakes to talk about height and length.


In Term 2, we have been using our number knowledge. We have learnt what adding is (where we put 2 numbers together to make a bigger number), take away (making a number smaller by taking away some of the number. We have also been making sure we know our numbers 0-10 really well (in order, out of order, matching numeral to quantity) and learning numbers 11-20 (by ordering them, counting them, making them and recognising them).


In Term 3, we continued using our number knowledge and the number that is one more/one less than a given number. We learnt how to add and subtract using a number line. We've discussed the difference between 2d and 3d shapes (2d shapes are flat and we can't pick them up, 3d shapes are fat and we can pick them up) and learnt the names of different 3d shapes!


In Term 4, we have used our number knowledge to learn our doubles up to 5+5 = 10. We have really enjoyed singing the doubles song! We have also looked at money and had a go at naming what each coin was worth. Also, we have put ourselves in height order from tallest to shortest.


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