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Tigers Year 5

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Days to remember this term:


PE: Wednesdays

Buster's Book Club (read for a minimum of 20mins): Wednesday night (hand in reading time on Thursday)

Homework due day: Thursdays

We are Year 5 and our teacher is Miss Holden.



We are really lucky, as we have a brand new classroom this year, with lots of nice new things, including an amazing new book corner with many of the latest books recommended for our age!!!!



Our topic this term is Road Trip USA.


We've buckled up, we've got our sunglasses on - we're going on a road trip across USA!

First we will explore the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. We are currently researching some of the popular tourist destinations that we would like to visit the most during our break to the city - we'll send you a postcard!


We are also looking forward to meeting the Iroquois tribe; Native Americans with amazing customs and traditions.


It's going to be a long ride, so we are going to put the roof down and let the wind blow through our hair - we're off to the states! (Which, by the way, we have located as being on the continent of North America!).

Human Health and Fitness

This term in science, we will be looking at human health and fitness. We will be learning more about this topic through a series of observations and experiments, by observing, collecting and analysing data.


We are currently reading Wonder. Have you been to see the film yet?