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Tigers Year 5

This page is awaiting content and will be updated in September 2017.

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We are Year 5 and our teacher is Miss Holden.


We are Tiger class (Yr5)

and our teacher is Miss Holden.

We are really lucky, as we have a brand new classroom this year, with lots of nice new things, including an amazing new book corner with many of the latest books recommended for our age!!!!



Our topic this term is Blue Abyss.



It is all about exploring life in the ocean. Within this topic, we will be writing poems about a chosen sea creature, researching important ships and explorers, and letting our imaginations take us away into an ocean narrative. We will also be thinking about how ocean life is threatened, particularly the Great Barrier Reef, and having structured debates on this.


In art and DT, we will be focussing on designing and making a jellyfish that will glow/or light up in the dark. We may use some robotics skills in computing also to help us achieve this.

Chemical Change

This term in science, we will be looking at chemical changes. This will involve lots of cool observations and experiments. All very Harry Potter!

We are currently reading 20,000 Leagues under the Sea.


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