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Toucans Year R

Welcome to Toucan Class!


Our teacher is Miss Jones! 

Our amazing TA is Mrs Churitter!

Our library day is Friday.

Our PE days for term 6 are Monday and Tuesday 🏑

Reading records are checked and new reading books are given out on Tuesdays and Thursdays (only if a comment has been left in the green reading records) 📚 

We hope you enjoy viewing your child's learning through Tapestry! If you have been unable to log in or have any questions, please come and speak to a member of the team. 


Our topic for term 1 is:

'What's that sound?' and 'Will you be my friend?'



Our topic for term 2 is:

’Celebrations’ 🎉 and ‘People that help us’ ⛑

We will be learning about Diwali and bonfire night and about people that help us. We will be visited by some firefighters who will teach us how to be safe and explain ways that they help people. We will also be learning about Christmas as part of our celebration topic this term. 


Our topic for term 3 is: 

“Transport” 🚌 and “Are we nearly there?” 

We will be learning all about different types of transport, go and do a transport survey within our local community and learn about road safety. We will be making our own maps and constructing our own cityscapes to travel around in our junk modelled vehicles! This term we will also be learning about space, superheroes and Chinese New Year.

In maths we are going to be revisiting 2D shapes and we will start to learn about 3D shapes, as well as counting on, counting back and money! 


Our topic for term 4 is 'food' 

We will be learning about different foods from around the world. We will be cooking food and creating a cafe for our fabulous finale!


Our topic for term 5 is 'Will you read me a story?'

We will be reading lots of traditional tales, acting out stories and even making up our own fairy tales.


Our topic for term 6 is 'What can you see in the summer?'

We will be learning about animals, insects and their habitats. We will be going on a trip to the zoo and writing about it too!

This term we will also be talking about being in Year 1 and will be having transition lessons too!

If you have any questions, please speak to a member of the team :)








Please see Parrots class page for phonics videos and games!