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Who's Who


Leadership 1 Mr D Jones - Executive Head Teacher
Leadership 2 Mrs E Ribbans - Head of School
Leadership 3 Mrs V Elderton - Inclusion Manager

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Miss S Munro - Parrot Class
Class Teachers 2 Miss P Traviss - Toucan Class
Class Teachers 3 Miss S Judge - Bumblebee Class
Class Teachers 4 Miss R Marlow - Ladybird Class
Class Teachers 5 Miss L Ward - Dragonfly Class
Class Teachers 6 Mr P Cheetham - Grasshopper Class
Class Teachers 7 Mrs K Fairhall - Grasshopper Class
Class Teachers 8 Mrs L Middleton - Iguana Class
Class Teachers 9 Miss V Copeman - Chameleon Class
Class Teachers 10 Miss E Cunningham - Komodo Class
Class Teachers 11 Miss F Holden - Tiger Class
Class Teachers 12 Miss L Skinsley - Lion Class
Class Teachers 13 Mr I Rudgyard - KS2 Leader & Panther Class
Class Teachers 14 Mrs F Brace - Teacher
Class Teachers 15 Mrs C Jefferies - Teacher


Teachers 1 Mrs S Flewitt - Reading Recovery
Teachers 2 Mrs T Nottage - Teacher
Teachers 3 Mrs M White - Teacher
Teachers 4 Mrs S Spencer - Teacher

Penguin Class

Penguin Class 1 Mrs R Whatley - Penguin Class Teacher
Penguin Class 2 Mrs S Barnes - Penguin Class HLTA
Penguin Class 3 Miss L Wherry - Penguin Class HLTA

Polar Bear Class

Polar Bear Class 1 Mrs H Nicholson - Polar Bear Class Teacher
Polar Bear Class 2 Mrs C Matthews - Polar Bear Class TA

Family Liaison Officer

Family Liaison Officer 1 Mrs K Procter

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs S Bates
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs K Born
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss K Brice
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs W Casey
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs S Churitter
Teaching Assistants 6 Miss V Golding
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs T Keeler
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs P Pattison
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs L Pitchacaren
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs N Plumbe
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs F Price
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs V Reilly
Teaching Assistants 13 Mrs J Waters
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs V Whitehead
Teaching Assistants 15 Miss P Young


Premises 1 Mr M Flisher - Caretaker

School Office

School Office 1 Mrs A Chivers - Office Manager & Bursar
School Office 2 Mrs S Phillips - Secretary
School Office 3 Mrs L Hutchinson - Administration Assistant

Catering and Club Staff

Catering and Club Staff 1 Mrs L Stratford - Cook
Catering and Club Staff 2 Mrs J Salt - Kitchen Assistant
Catering and Club Staff 3 Mrs Ashdown - Kitchen Asst & Road Crossing Patrol
Catering and Club Staff 4 Mrs G Bromley - Breakfast Club Asst & Asst Cook
Catering and Club Staff 5 Mrs V Whitehead - Breakfast Club Supervisor
Catering and Club Staff 6 Mrs L Galang - Breakfast & After School Club Asst
Catering and Club Staff 7 Miss M Hodder - After School Club Supervisor
Catering and Club Staff 8 Mr S Suwari - After School Club Play Worker
Catering and Club Staff 9 Miss E Whitehead - After School Club Play Worker