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Dragonflies Year 2

Welcome to Dragonfly Class


Our teachers are Miss Judge and Mrs Ward.


We are lucky enough to have a full time teaching assistant called Miss Hair.  


In addition we have a student teacher called Miss Lucas who will be working with us this year.



Some children will be working alongside Mrs Flewitt for additional reading intervention.


Miss Morgan will be working with others on personal and social targets.

This term our topic is called Snow and Ice.

We will be thinking about weather around the world, and in particular areas such as Antarctica that have snow and ice for most of the year.


Our texts will in include information about Emperor Penguins, and stories called The Bird and the Yeti and The Crows Tail.

​​​​​​​In Maths we will be focusing on multiplying and dividing within the two, three, five and ten times tables.We shall also be exploring fractions of shapes and numbers.


In Science we will be exploring and experimenting with ice and learning about habitats.






Winter Bunting Preparation

Winter Bunting Preparation 1

We LOVE reading!


In Dragonfly Class we love listening to stories as well as reading with a friend or to ourselves. We will visit the school library on a weekly basis (Tuesdays) and the children are welcome to change their reading books daily. We also do Guided Reading and have a class text. We all must try to aim for 5 minutes of reading to a parent/ adult daily at home.


If you would like help supporting your child with reading, either because they're reluctant or because you are unsure of the best way to move them forward please get in touch with us. It is so important at this stage to foster a love of reading and get the children loving particular authors and we're happy to help.


How you can help at home.....



Please continue to work on your next timetable wristbands at home and let us know when you are ready to try out for them.

Currently the children should be learning to count in 10's, 2's and 5's.

Next they should be learning the two times tables by rote.

Thirdly they will be working on the ten and five times tables. 



Our aim for the children is to get them to be writing in a legible, cursive style. All lower case letters should start on the line with a lead in and end with a controlled flick. We are happy to offer advice if required.