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Elder Year 2

Welcome to Elder Class


Our teachers are Miss Goulding, Mrs Keeler, Miss Goody and Mrs Labrosciano.

Welcome to Term 1

This term our topic is 'What is a home?'.



Keep a look out on "Tapestry"  for what we get up to this term. 

In Topic we are thinking about what homes are and learning about the Great Fire of London. 


Our main text this term is 'Journey'. We'll also be writing a diary entry, thinking about the people in 1666.


In Maths we will be learning about place value and addition and subtraction.


In Science we will be exploring materials and what they are suitable to be used for.




This term we are very lucky to have tennis and country dancing. Make sure to wear your PE kit on a Monday. We also have Forest school on a Tuesday. You need to have both school uniform and a change of clothes.









We LOVE reading!


In Dragonfly Class we love listening to stories as well as reading with a friend or to ourselves. We are really enjoying Book Talk and Wringing Sentences lessons and have learned to discuss and analyse the texts we read. We all must try to aim for 5 minutes of reading to a parent/ adult daily at home.


Please bring your books back to school on a Thursday so they can be changed and returned to you on Friday.


There is a a weekly comprehension uploaded to tapestry which you can choose to do. This will help your child develop their reading comprehension skills.


If you would like help supporting your child with reading, either because they're reluctant or because you are unsure of the best way to move them forward please get in touch with us. It is so important at this stage to foster a love of reading and get the children loving particular authors and we're happy to help.


Helping at home



Please continue to work on your next timetable wristbands at home and let us know when you are ready to try out for them.

Currently the children should be learning to count in 10's, 2's and 5's.

Next they should be learning the two times tables by rote.

Thirdly they will be working on the ten and five times tables. 



Our aim for the children is to get them to be writing in a legible, cursive style. All lower case letters should start on the line with a lead in and end with a controlled flick. The tall letters such as t, l, h, d must be taller than the short letters a, c, e, o. We are happy to offer advice if required.

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