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Forest School at Home

Colour stones to make a noughts & crosses day for outside
Build a birds nest
Draw a large shape and use items from outside to fit inside
How good is your aim?
Make nature wands, as decoration, or as paint brushes!
Use old egg cartons to make a floral frame
Feed the birds! Autumn & Winter is a hard time for them to find food
Make yourself some wings
Create a Hedgehog home for your garden - or for school!
Can you identify the clouds you see
Make a mini wind sock for outside
Can you create a wind chime from sticks?
Got an old sand pit hiding away, it makes a great herb garden!
Recycled garden decorations
Butterfly Feeder for summertime
Use sellotape and collect tiny things on your walk
Not all birds eat what is hanging in the tree
Are you as clever as a spider
Make a rain stick
Leaf Bingo!