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Our Curriculum


At Chartham Primary, we aim to challenge and inspire every one of our pupils to become inquisitive, autonomous learners within an inclusive, safe environment. Through a wide and varied curriculum designed in progressive steps, our children develop key skills and essential knowledge within and across all subjects, which are deepened and built upon throughout their primary schooling. 


We value the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum, and see it as vital that our children are able to gain secure foundations in and apply their continued learning from the core subjects of mathematics, reading and literacy to the wider curriculum, facilitating deep learning across all subjects. We want our children to appreciate how to create or compose like an artist, how to research like a historian, how to observe, question and analyse like a scientist, how to construct like an architect… 


At Chartham, we do not believe this level of learning can exist in the classroom alone. Our children’s learning is enriched with a wealth of additional experiences including trips, visitor talks and workshops, as well as opportunities to apply and develop their learning to meaningful, real-life contexts – including our vast school grounds.


We aim to deliver a curriculum that supports our children in developing empathy for others with an appreciation of the diversity of the world and its societies, as well as a deep interest and knowledge of their own locality.


Our curriculum supports our children in becoming resourceful, active citizens who will have the self-confidence, resilience, knowledge and skills to express ideas about, contribute to and improve the world around them. 

At Chartham we provide all children, from Year R to Year 6, an ‘online learning journal’ through the platform of ‘Tapestry’, which records observations, photos and videos of their curriculum learning and also provides an opportunity for parents to comment and add their own observations to their own child’s journal.  This helps to provide a strong partnership between school and home. 


This enables children's practical and group work skills in all curriculum areas to be valued, from PE skills to drama activities, outdoor learning, and Maths problem-solving activities... the possibilities are endless!

Inclusion and our Curriculum

Early Years

At Chartham, the aim is to provide the very best possible start to every child’s education and enable them to fulfil their potential. We believe children should feel safe, have new exciting and inspiring experiences, build friendships, develop a love for learning and, most importantly, are happy during their first year of school.


Well-planned, structured activities and opportunities for children to discover and be curious are provided within a free-flow environment between the two Year R classrooms and the outdoor learning area. A stimulating, secure environment is provided, where children are encouraged to develop key learning skills. A broad-based, high quality curriculum is provided to all pupils covering all 7 areas of learning


There are seven areas of learning and development. Three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. These three areas are known as the prime areas:

•Communication and Language

•Physical Development

•Personal, Social and Emotional Development


The four specific areas, through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied are:



•Understanding of the World

•Expressive Arts and Design


We also place a great emphasis on how children learn, looking at the Characteristics of effective learning. The characteristics of effective learning are split into three main areas and then three sub sections within each area. These are ‘playing and exploring’ which shows how the child is engaging, ‘Actively learning’ which shows the motivation behind the child’s learning, and finally ‘creating and thinking critically’ this shows the thought processes behind learning and new achievements.

Early Years Foundation stage staff (Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants) plan and work closely together. They regularly observe and assess learning through an online journal to inform the next steps in teaching.


We have close links with local nurseries and visit all children in their nursery setting prior to starting school. Before children start in Reception, a home visit is offered to new parents to our school, to be able to talk informally with the Early Years Foundation Stage staff. Several ‘Stay and Play’ sessions  give each child the chance to explore the opportunities and activities in the Reception Class before starting school, and even try a school lunch! Upon joining school children enjoy a staggered start and are allocated a Year 6 ‘Buddy’ to support them during their first year at school.


At the end of reception we ensure smooth transition to Year 1 through transition mornings, story sessions and storytime visits from new teachers. We have also developed continuous provision in Year 1 and have an exciting new outdoor area!


A member of Inspira Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales, with company number 13188733.