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Parent, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA)

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Who are we and how can you get involved?


Welcome to our school! As parents/carers, you are automatically a member of the school PTFA organisation, Friends of Chartham Primary School. Your voice counts. As a PTFA we depend upon a continual cycle of parental involvement. Without parental support, we would not have a PTFA at our school! The Friends of Chartham Primary School is a mixture of parents/carers that work together for the benefit of the school. Some are full-time parents/carers, some work part-time, or work full-time. Taking an active role with the Friends will improve your child’s experience during their time at this school:


YOU are vital to the success of the school

Without the funds raised by the Friends, your child would not have the benefits of the newly installed playground equipment, early years roleplay furniture and school lockers.


It’s very flexible

There are many ways you can be involved, from designing a poster, suggesting new ideas for events or stalls at events, helping with preparations for an event, manning a stall at the Christmas or Summer Fairs, attending a Disco as a volunteer, or helping with the clean up after an event.


You’ll be part of a great network

You will be part of a like-minded network of people who all share a common goal of improving the school for our children.


To make a difference

By volunteering to help the PTFA, you’ll be able to use whatever skills you have for a noble cause. We strive to establish a supportive and encouraging community for the entire school.


We’re not just for mums

It’s important to us, our school and our pupils to have dads represented on our committee and to help reach out to other dads. Grandparents are also very welcome.


Be a role model

By getting involved with the Friends you’ll show your children that not only are they important to you, but their education is as well. Getting involved illustrates good teamwork and community spirit.


What the Friends does affects every parent/carer and pupil

Your voice matters. Your ideas and involvement can help improve the quality of education for all the children at our school. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces and knowing that you have played a part in making school a little more fun is really priceless.


It’s fun!

Helping to plan fun events and social evenings, suggesting new ideas and fun ways to raise funds and getting the whole family involved.



Our children are only at school for a relatively short time. Friends’ events such as our Christmas & Summer Fairs, Discos, Cake & Ice Cream Sales and Easter Egg Bingo will be remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime. The equipment and resources the Friends help to fund make learning even more engaging.




In 2018 – 2019 funds were used to pay for:


  • Playground equipment
  • School lockers
  • Polytunnel
  • Early Years roleplay furniture
  • Books, including newly published books and magazine subscriptions for the library (annually)
  • Books from Santa
  • Stage curtains


The Friends of Chartham Primary School welcomes new volunteers!


Get in touch

If you would like any more information than please:



Co-Chairs – Sarah Porter and Charlie Thomson

Treasurer – Grace Daniels

Secretary - Emily Watson

Publicity Officer – Anna Bell

Ordinary Committee members - Miriam Delahoy and Tracey Gilbert


Come along to our next meeting


Meetings are announced via ParentMail. Let us know you are coming or provide suggestions/raise concerns by using any of the contact details above.


Thank you to the generosity of parents and carers, family members and friends, as well as local businesses. Together, we have made a huge difference to fundraising over the years.

Friends Information Letter

A member of Inspira Academy Trust, a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales, with company number 13188733.