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Busters Book Club

Dear Parents/Carers


The new Busters Book Club newsletter will be going home with your child today as we're getting ready to start recording the children's reading minutes from next Wednesday. They will receive their new spring bookmarks soon ready to record their minutes for Buster each Wednesday.


We obviously want the children to read every evening but Wednesday is the day where we read for Buster. Every Thursday we will look at the bookmarks and add up the scores to see which class has come top.


Each week a trophy is awarded to the winning class and there will be extra prizes to be won across terms 3 and 4.


As your child moves through the school their reading target will grow. In Reception and Year One they should aim to read (or share a book) for 10 minutes per day. In Years 2 and 3 it is 15 minutes per day and in Years 4, 5 & 6 it is 20 minutes per day.


Your child's ability to read is critical to their educational success and the job prospects that follow when they leave school - and being a confident reader is key to this.


We appreciate your support with reading at home and hope Buster helps to motivate the children.


Many thanks

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