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Keeping Up With The Children Course - Maths

Dear Parents/Carers


The Keeping Up With The Children English course that we have booked in for Term 5 will be postponed for now and it will be replaced with a maths course instead, please see below for all the details.


The maths course is designed to familiarise adults with a range of new calculation methods and mental maths strategies currently used to teach maths in primary schools. It aims to help adults feel confident in supporting their children's learning in maths whilst providing an opportunity to brush up their own skills. It can be used as a route onto a longer maths course with accreditation at the end.


Content will include:


  • Look at new methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division taught in schools and compare with traditional formal written methods.
  • Identify the age/stage expectations and key objectives in the KS1 and KS2 numeracy curriculum.
  • Discover hints and tips to help learn times tables.
  • Use the grid method and chunking when multiplying and dividing.
  • Understand what is meant by number bonds, partitioning, place-value and other mathematical terms and vocabulary which may be new and unfamiliar.
  • Make number lines, hundred squares, arrow cards, number fans and additional resources to support maths learning at home.
  • Carry out practical activities with shape, metric measures and data handling.
  • Explore and evaluate useful maths resources including maths dictionaries and those available on line. 


The course is for parents/carers only and it will run for two hours every Thursday 9.30am - 11.30am, starting on Thursday 19th April and ending six weeks later on Thursday 24th May.


The course is completely free!


Please let the office know if you are interested in attending or if you have any further questions/queries.


Many thanks


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